Centralized View for Data Regulation

Effective risk management and incident response requires a centralized view of your organizations data compliance, quality, and security.
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Prevent incidents and protect your company with effective organization-wide communication on your data compliance

Your organization is constantly creating, storing, and sharing data. Effective privacy and compliance require an organization-wide view of risk, actions, and real-time view for all key stakeholders.
Datahunter analysis summary of PII and AI quality.
Datahunter's data discovery platform provides deep analysis, immediate insights, and agility to protect your organization's sensitive data and communicate to the organization the compliance status and actions that need immediate attention.
Datahunter provides a unique experience to provide your IT, Legal, Compliance, Data, and C-Suite a ubiquitous view of the organizations data.
Datahunter identities widget detailing PII findings.

Uncover your Privacy Risk

The best response to privacy impacts is a proactive one.
Datahunter determines if data masking, obfuscation, and purging activities are required and effective. Additionally, Datahunter not only isolates identifiable PII records, but also those that have the potential to be reconstructed.
Datahunter's intuitive interface allows your DPO, analysts, legal, data officers, and other stakeholders to drill-down and understand where risk exists and the solutions to ensure your compliance efforts are effective.
Datahunter environment findings for data regulation compliance.

Proactive Compliance

GDPR, CPRA, and many other data protection regulations are in effect today. The requirements for compliance under these requirements continue to expand and new regulations are continuing to emerge. Agility to respond and protect your business is essential.
Datahunter's compliance indicators allow your DPO, Legal, and compliance teams to drill into the results to determine the organizations exposure. Your team knows what to address and where problems exist in your data sources and technology.
Datahunter continues to validate your data and ensures a consistent, adaptable, and proactive response to data protection and compliance.
Image showing files or databases as targets for Datahunter analysis.

Analyze all your Data

The types, location, and format of data within your organization continues to expand and become more complex. The ability to procure SaaS solutions increases the speed at which the organization's data and risk profile expands.
Datahunter is flexible to scan any data source, from flat files, to databases, big data, and cloud repositories. View the results by system, by data source, or organization wide.
With Datahunter, pinpoint teams to the most important tasks and communicate to your key stakeholders where the organization stands in data governance and compliance.

One central dashboard for all your data discovery needs

Datahunter central dashboard showing PII, Quality, and Environment indicators.
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