Extract Insights Between Different Data Assets

Datahunter leverages machine learning to provide cluster analysis between multiple data sources. Extract new and potentially game changing insights from your data.
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Extract new value and find opportunity in your data with powerful automated data discovery using machine learning.

Your organization is constantly creating, storing, and sharing data. With new data sources being created daily, use Datahunter to assess how these assets can be uniquely combined to form new insights and competitive advantages.
Datahunter explore feature showing known and discovered relationships.
Datahunter's data discovery platform provides deep analysis, immediate insights, and agility to assess all types of data sources and make the most of your data science and analysis activities.
PII dashboard showing the detailed identities scan results

Rapid Deep Scan Analysis

Analyzing all of your data sources and combining the results into one analysis is a daunting task. Datahunter rapidly scans all of your desired data sources and combines the results in a user-intuitive dashboard.
Datahunter leverages automated machine learning to perform deep scan analysis by interrogating the raw data and extracting complete insights from your data.
Analyze the results of your organization wide data or by individual data sources. Gain insights that can extract new value from your data.
Table and column analysis showing bias and other data anomalies for data science data cleansing

Data Science Efficiency

Over 80% of the time spent in data science and analytics is spent on data cleansing. This represents a major area for improvement. The more you improve your cleansing processes, the faster your team delivers answers to your business.
Data scientists become more efficient in their data cleansing and their ability to arrive at business answers is timelier. Know where to focus on bias, nulls, and other data anomalies.
Instantly see bias, nulls, and other causes of poor data. Know where to focus and use Datahunter to confirm your data cleansing effectiveness.
Close up view of the Datahunter explore feature. Shows relationships between tables.

Find new data relationships

With Datahunter analytics and AI/ML teams can become more efficient by the automatic discovery of data relationships insight and between data sources.
Datahunter's Explore feature allows your team to navigate data and see relationships that can be used to create unique analytics, reports, and AI/ML insights. These relations in most cases would take significant effort and in-depth data structure knowledge by you team to identify, or at worst, go undiscovered and unused.
Untapped opportunities and unrealized potential in your data is a risk faced by all organizations. Datahunter ensures you maximize the potential of your data to realize revenue growth, strategy decisions, and new products and services.

One central dashboard for all your data discovery needs

Datahunter central dashboard showing PII, Quality, and Environment indicators.
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