Data Discovery for Cloud Migration

Migrating systems and workloads to the cloud successfully requires a deep analysis of your data. Know your risk, deploy the correct security measures, and eliminate unnecessary storage costs.
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Successful cloud migration requires a deep analysis of your data assets

How do you ensure the correct security requirements or what data to transition to the cloud? Understanding these elements ensures you manage your risk and reduce your cloud storage costs.
Analysis summary dashboard of PII and AI Readiness
Datahunter's data discovery platform provides deep analysis, immediate insights, and agility to provide information to inform your cloud migration plans. Datahunter analyzes your data within custom datasets, legacy applications, dark data assets, files, and much more.
Using Datahunter with our cloud migration partners only makes a good thing better.
PII dashboard showing detailed personal identifiable information.

Cloud Migration of Sensitive Data

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data is a significant risk to your business. Not only is it important to isolate these records, but it is also important to determine if PII can be reconstructed from your data.
Datahunter determines if data masking, obfuscation, and purging activities are required and effective. Additionally, Datahunter not only isolates identifiable PII records, but also those that have the potential to be reconstructed.
Datahunter's intuitive interface allows your analysts, legal, data officers, and other stakeholders to drill-down and understand where risk exists and the solutions to ensure your compliance efforts are effective.
Cloud data storage costs can be reduced 35% or lower removing unused data.

Reduce your cloud storage expense

Determining risk in your data is essential to a cloud migration plan.  Reducing unnecessary migration efforts and cloud storage costs is also an important step to realize maximum benefits from the cloud.
Datahunter evaluates your data to find the meaning within your data, isolate quality issues, duplicate data sources, and identify other metrics that allow you to determine if data assets need to be migrated, prepared before migration, or removed.
Datahunter shows a return on investment immediately by streamlining your cloud storage spend.
Datahunter and Apption are Microsoft Gold partner and Amazon AWS consulting partners

Manage your cloud data

Once your applications and data are migrated into the cloud, Datahunter continues to provide insights on your data to improve cloud storage utilization and determine new data privacy risks.
Your business processes and systems continue to change. With these changes your data sources also change. This increases the risk associated with exposing PII and other sensitive data.
Datahunter continues to analyze your cloud data to ensure PII and your sensitive data is managed. Datahunter identifies data trends that isolate changes in your data that expose your organization to increased data privacy risk.

One central dashboard for all your data discovery needs

Datahunter central dashboard showing PII, Quality, and Environment indicators.
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