Advanced Data Discovery using Machine Learning

Modern data discovery requires the adaptability and automation that only machine learning can provide.
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Prevent incidents and protect your company with effective, automated data discovery powered by machine learning.

Your organization is constantly creating, storing, and sharing data. Privacy regulations, competition, and customer expectations are increasing your need to protect and utilize your data wisely.
Datahunter Indentities Dashboard
Datahunter's data discovery platform provides deep analysis, immediate insights, and agility to protect your organization's sensitive data and communicate to the organization the compliance status and actions that need immediate attention.
Identities widget showing number of identified PII records

Assess Privacy Compliance Effectiveness

Personally identifiable information (PII) data is a significant risk to your business.
Datahunter determines if data masking, obfuscation, and purging activities are required and effective. Additionally, Datahunter not only isolates identifiable PII records, but also those that have the potential to be reconstructed.
Datahunter's intuitive interface allows your analysts, legal, data officers, and other stakeholders to drill-down and understand where risk exists and the solutions to ensure your compliance efforts are effective.
Quality analysis showing data distribution and bias level.

Data Quality for successful Decision Making

Risk in your data goes beyond the contents, but is found in the quality of your data as well. Over 20% of the data your organization makes decisions on is flawed.
Datahunter examines factors that could impact the quality of your data and it's effect on your analytics and AI/ML programs. Datahunter's AI readiness indicator determines barriers to effective data use and allow you to drill into the results.
Determine dataset bias, incomplete and inconsistent data, and other statistical indicators for poor quality data. Allow your teams to fast-track their data cleansing efforts and produce higher quality and more effective decision making insights.
Datahunter explore feature showing potential relationships inside data sources.

Extract New Insights

With Datahunter analytics and AI/ML teams can become more efficient by the automatic discovery of data relationships between data sources.
Eliminate significant resource cost by determining data relationships instantly from your data sources. Datahunter's Explore feature allows your team to navigate your data and see relationships that can be used to create unique analytics and AI/ML programs
Datahunter's relationships capabilities also help you identify potential risk hiding in the unexplored relationships in your data and data assets. A breach that exposes your data may allow an attacker to find and extract sensitive information by combining your data in unique ways.

One central dashboard for all your data discovery needs

Datahunter central dashboard showing PII, Quality, and Environment indicators.
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