Protect your AI Programs

AI and Machine Learning programs provide significant benefits to a business, but also expose new risks. Protecting the integrity of your AI requires quality management of your data.
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Prevent incidents and protect your company with effective organization-wide communication on your data quality

Your organization is constantly creating, storing, and sharing data. that interact with your artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms and systems. Maintaining effective data quality measures is critical to maintaining quality AI and ML programs.
Datahunter AI Readiness analysis
Datahunter's data discovery platform provides deep analysis, immediate insights, and agility to ensure the quality and AI readiness of your data sources.
Real-time and on-going validation ensures your AI and ML programs remain consistent and reliable.
Datahunter table and column quality drill-down reporting

Make Better Decisions

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms deliver automated product and service experiences. Your data is relied upon to provide the fuel for these capabilities. The quality of your fuel (data) is essential.
Datahunter's AI readiness capabilities instantly provide data scientists an evaluation of your data for AI/ML use. Datahunter continues to evaluate data, isolating bias and other data anomalies that would preclude consistent outcomes for your AI and ML.
Datahunter can be uniquely deployed to scan data before ingestion, while stored, and in-use to provide trend analysis and proactive data quality management. Our customers see Datahunter as their data stewardship platform.
Table demonstrating data changes within a datasource over multiple Datahunter scans

Control your AI and ML Decisions

Ethical AI is an important consideration when designing and managing AI and ML capabilities. Decisions made by these tools can have significant impacts for individuals interacting with your business. Organizations deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning for financial services, insurance, and other use cases need to be aware of these issues.
Datahunter's AI readiness allows your teams to validate data quality, establish baseline quality metrics and continually evaluate data, and trends within your data, to better manage your outcomes.
Automating Datahunter provides validation of your data quality as your data changes ensuring you are aware of potential issues proactively.
Image showing files or databases as targets for Datahunter analysis.

Analyze all your Data

The types, location, and format of data within your organization continues to expand and become more complex. The ability to procure SaaS solutions increases the speed at which the organization's data and risk profile expands.
Datahunter is flexible to scan any data source, from flat files, to databases, big data, and cloud repositories. View the results by system, by data source, or organization wide.
With Datahunter, pinpoint teams to the most important tasks and communicate to your key stakeholders where the organization stands in data governance and compliance.

One central dashboard for all your data discovery needs

Datahunter central dashboard showing PII, Quality, and Environment indicators.
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